I am Joël, an engineer and photographer from Germany, currently living and working in Singapore.

I grew up in Germany and became first interested in photography as a gliding student in 2001. Gliding is one of the most demanding sports – and rewards with impressions that a pilot never forgets. While exploring a new world from an eagle’s perspective, I wanted to convey my enthusiasm through photography.

Today I focus on long-term projects with a documentary approach. I work with digital and analog cameras.

My wife Ania and I love the nature and we are used to spend as much time as possible either in our sailplane or in the rough nature of northern Europe. This changed fundamentally when we moved to Singapore in March 2017. Established ideals and the volatile proximity of citizens in Asian megacities form a crass contrast to the remote places we explored in the past.

Currently I am working on the project Off Season to visualise the transition of my family into the Asian working and living culture. Off Season stands for experiences gathered outside the daily routine. The work seeks to explore both the familiarity of home in a broader sense and the ambiguity of our new base.